Legislation and Whitewashed Tombs

I’ve been pondering this issue for quite some time, but an exchange on Facebook this morning prompted me to finally do some thinking-through-blogging on this topic.

Why do some Christians work so desperately to promote and enact laws that mandate “Christian behavior” for the entire country? What purpose does this serve?

Doing the “right things” or acting the “right way” does not save people. Christ saves people. Once we are saved, then we begin to do the right things and act the right way as part of our gratitude for our salvation and worship of our holy God. True obedience follows salvation. If someone obeys all of God’s laws but doesn’t know Christ, he is still unsaved. Being a “good person” may make the lives of those around you better, but it doesn’t save you.

It seems to me that legislating Christian Behavior is not at all something that Christians should put effort toward. It might make our country look pretty, but it would still be just a white-washed tomb. . . pretty on the outside and rotting decay on the inside. Things looking pretty can obscure the need for salvation; that should be the last thing that Christians want.

So, my first question is:


The second part of this topic relates to how Christians view their children, and therefore what they require of their children. I’ll get to that in another blog entry.

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