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Learning New Skills

When we are trying to change our behavior or mindset we have a time period where we freak out. We don’t have enough coping tools in our toolbox to make changes even if we desperately want to make them. If people just tell us what not to do, we feel lost and desperately want help to know what to do instead.
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Reflecting Feelings

Reflecting feelings is the most valuable interpersonal skill I’ve learned. I first learned of its value when I was developing my Gentle Parenting toolbox. I was continually amazed at how much more quickly I could defuse my children’s Big Feelings simply by giving them the words to describe their intense feelings. Continue reading

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Subordinates and Emotions

Have you noticed that a certain stripe of Christianity is uncomfortable with feelings? More precisely: it is uncomfortable with subordinates feeling anything except happiness… and since women and children are always subordinates, they especially are out-of-luck. That may be overstated. … Continue reading

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